YouthPREP Centre


The YouthPREP Centre aims to

  • provide Sabah youths with a ‘point of reference’ or ‘a port of call’ particularly for those who are deciding to leave home for the first time
  • conduct programs that contributes to personal formation and enhance personal skills in the areas of communication and decision making
  • provide a range of counseling services such as career guidance and personal counseling.
  • facilitate on-going skills development programs which will enhance job opportunities for the youths
  • aid local youth who require support and other forms of assistance. This would include a hotline/helpline service, free legal aid etc.
  • enable youths to fellowship and congregate in a safe place to network with each other.
  • secure fair employment opportunities for East Malaysians through partnership with preferred employers
  • provide linkage or contact points for youths intending to work in West Malaysia and Singapore


The facilities at the Centre include computer facilities with free internet services, meeting rooms, music corner and reading resources

The set up of the YouthPREP Centre is a Corporate Social Responsibility project by Sabah Credit Corporation.

How you can join us in YouthPREP Centre

The programs of the YPC are conducted by a pool of staff and volunteers. You can join us in our volunteer program in the following areas:

  • Skills development e.g. computer classes, literacy programs etc.
  • Social Activities
  • Legal aid on a pro-bono basis
  • Counselling service (career guidance and personal counselling)
  • Human development programs
  • Job placement opportunities