Socio Economic Development

The Socio Economic Development program is part of the Rural Community Development Project in the Mukim of Tulid in Keningau.

This program provides a platform for rural community building among four village communities through land development activities on a piece of land in Kampung Tulid measuring 14 acres owned by the Diocese of Keningau. The four village communities are Batu Lunguyan, Tulid/Pauh, Kiulu Baru and Delayan Baru.

The thrust of this project is to engage the village communities and stakeholders in decision making. In the true spirit of community and stakeholder involvement, the land development project is led by a Komiti Pembangunan Tanah (Land Development Committee) comprising village elders from Kampung Tulid, staff from GSS and a representative from the Diocese of Keningau as the Chairperson of the Committee. On the working level, the land development activities are overseen by a sub-committee made up of village elders from the four participating communities. Both the committees meet on a monthly basis to ensure that the project achieves its objectives.

Besides planting and harvesting, the yield of the project goes back to the village community to finance the next planting and other community related activities.


Socio Economic Development
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