Family Building and Reconciliation Program

The Family Building and Reconciliation (FBR) Program is developed to respond to the needs of families. The thrust of the FBR program is to promote healthy relationships in families through educational group program activities and group works. FBR upholds the belief that everyone in the family has potential for growth and change.

The Goals and Objectives of FBR:

  • To build and empower families to be strong, resilient & and mature in all aspects.
  • To focus on the building of family relationships through a holistic and integrative approach that involves seven core areas:
    1. Faith & Spirituality
    2. Education & On-Going Formation
    3. Effective Communication
    4. Culture
    5. Crisis Management
    6. Reconciliation
    7. Family Support System

How you can join us in The Family Building and Reconciliation Program

The programs are conducted by a pool of staff and volunteers. You can join our volunteer program which helps out in the following areas:

  • Conducting Sessions / Workshops
  • Social Activities
  • Providing transport to out of town area where the programs are held
  • Providing skills training for women and youths.