Busy hands prepare CNY hampers

THERE was a buzz of excitement in the kitchen at Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre in Ipoh. The voices of women were just above a whisper as their busy hands shaped the cookies that would be going into the oven and then packed into hampers and gift bags.


Some were regulars who volunteered their time each time the festive occasion comes around, while others stepped in to help out this time. While their hands were busy, it was also a great opportunity for friends to catch up.


Volunteers baking cookies at the Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre in Ipoh.


The big and small hampers as well as gift bags were filled with lime juice, pineapple tarts, mixed and garlic nuts, love letters, fruit cake and various cookies, such as snow almond, choc chip pecan, ham tan soh, and hup tow soh.


The orders had been coming in right after Christmas and the volunteers in Ipoh had been busy baking every week to fulfil the demand so that the hampers and bags could be picked up and delivered in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.



CNY hampers ready to be picked up.