Sebiah Ladsou proudly holding up two jars of pineapple-based products

"Everything Pineapple" - Rising above adversity

Pineapple farmer Sebiah Ladsou face lights up  everytime she talks about her favourite pair of gold earrings.

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A Home Away From Home –  YouthPREP Centre Alamesra

Moving to a different state in pursuit of higher education can be very challenging for students living on a paltry budget.

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Behind Closed Doors

Good Shepherd Services is proud to officially launch our public service announcement video, "Behind Closed Doors".

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The Story of St. Mary Euphrasia

Good Shepherd in Singapore-Malaysia has launched 'The Story of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier.' St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier was the Foundress of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd Sisters.

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A Refugee’s Grateful Heart

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart." This statement holds a lot of meaning for me; it is sealed in my heart, the heart of a refugee.

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