About Us

Good Shepherd Services (GSS) is a not-for-profit organization registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. The organization has its origins as a charity founded and operated by the Good Shepherd Sisters in 1956. The Good Shepherd Sisters is a worldwide Congregation of women religious present in 73 counties in six continents.

The focus of GSS is to make visible the mercy and forgiving love of God, specifically to those who are marginalised and broken, especially women, girls and their families, restoring in them their worth and dignity.

We reach out and welcome each person with respect and dignity, accompanying each one with care and compassion.


One person is of more value than the whole world.


We are committed to reaching out with compassion and respect, empowering each person to wholeness and full potential.


Compassion, gratitude, respect, integrity, zeal.

Scope of Work

Residential / Hostel

GSS provides residential programs to women and girls who experience crisis situations, providing a safe haven and temporary shelter to enable them to heal and recover from their traumatic experiences.

GSS also operates a hostel for primary school children from rural communities in Sabah to provide them with temporary accommodation whilst they go to a nearby primary school. Many would not finish primary school if they do not stay with us.


The emphasis of the outreach programs is to empower disadvantaged communities who have minimal access to human development, social awareness and leadership programs. These developmental programs empower individuals and communities with the skills to help them in decision making, improve their job opportunities and provide them with options for a better future.

Micro Enterprise

Small scale economic justice projects with the objective of providing disadvantaged women with skills for better job opportunities.