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We aim at enabling youths to make informed decisions on rural-urban migration for employment and education, and strengthen the safety and protection of youths against sexual gender-based violence.


YouthPREP Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

This drop-in centre provides Sabah youths with a "port of call" for support and services where youths can have access to the Centre's facilities, counselling support and free legal aid. The Centre has a Food Bank and a bi-weekly feeding programme to provide assistance to rural youths who are struggling with the high cost of city living in Kota Kinabalu.

The youth development programmes conducted by the Centre focuses on rural-urban migration for employment and education. Related to this issue of urban poverty and the challenges confronted by rural youths in city living. Issues relating to sexual gender-based violence experienced by youths also forms a main theme for the outreach programme.


YouthPREP Link

YouthPREP Link reaches out to youths in rural communities through its programmes which focus on self-awareness and empowerment. These programmes provide youths at the margins with access to affordable tertiary education and skills development to enhance job opportunities.

Youth Connect Circle

As part of our on-going project on sexual gender-based violence, a Youth Connect Circle was established to raise awareness and advocate against sexual gender-based violence. Youth Connect Circle presents a strong potential platform for youths to be mobilised as agents of change as they are more receptive, vocal and have the willingness to act. This potential needs to be tapped, harnessed and sustained to ensure continued improved community protection.

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