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We leverage on the strength of communities to positively influence change that promotes the well-being of women and children, ultimately strengthening healthy and resilient relationships in families.


Community Service Centre, Ipoh

This Community Service Centre situated in the Buntong vicinity provides a safe place where women and children from an at-risk Indian community can access support and services to enhance their overall well-being, particularly in relation to their personal safety and protection.

The Centre is a key partner to the three primary schools in Buntong where school-based programmes on safety and protection of children are conducted. Through the Centre, we want to impact change in at-risks communities through sustainable livelihood initiatives that can empower women to take a lead role in pro-actively addressing and advocating against sexual gender-based violence. The Centre also networks with other NGOs and government agencies to provide social support and health services for families.


Komuniti Van Sekolah, Tulid, Keningau

The Community School Van is a community empowerment project involving 15 villages to enable indigenous children who live within the vicinity of 10-35 km from the nearest secondary school, SMK Tulid to attend school on a regular basis. This programme provides a platform for strengthening semangat kekitaan (spirit of togetherness) among rural communities as stakeholders directly participate to engage in decision making to ensure that the project achieves its stated objectives.

Community-based Child Protection Mechanism
Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Tambunan

This is a community-based project that seeks to shift the dominant thinking and perspective of all stakeholders to enhance the protection of the girl-child in Tambunan through the establishment of support systems, engagement and sustainability through livelihood.

The project strategically engages women, men, community leaders, government agencies, schools and parents, to collectively take affirmative action to advocate for changes in customary beliefs, practices and laws, to enhance the safety and protection of children. We also introduced a livelihood initiative to create on-going economic opportunities and transform the lives of women and their families.

A critical outcome of the project activities is the establishment of a Women Support Group (WSG) in 12 villages. The main objective of WSG is to empower women to take collective action to raise awareness, voice against sexual gender-based violence and provide the required initial support to victims. WSG forms part of an integrated district network support system which also includes representatives from government agencies, native court and other NGOs in Tambunan.

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