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We believe that every child is born with dignity, possess the inherent rights of all humans, and ought to be assured the unique rights of childhood to enable them to reach their potential as individuals and as members of society. To this end, we develop enrichment and social service programmes to promote the rights to education, safety and protection of children.


Asrama Desa Pukak, Kiulu, Sabah
Asrama Komuniti Tulid, Keningau, Sabah

The main objective of the hostels is to enable children from remote rural villages to attend school on a regular basis so as to raise their academic standards and complete their education successfully.

Asrama Desa Pukak provides hostel services to enable children from remote indigenous communities in Kiulu to access primary education while Asrama Komuniti Tulid benefits secondary girls from villages 15-35 km away from SMK Tulid who are vulnerable to child marriages to complete their secondary education. At the hostels, children enjoy balanced meals, academic support, play and activities that contribute towards character building. More importantly, they are able to attend school regularly, have a fair chance of cultivating an interest in learning and aspire towards a better future for themselves as well as their families.


Child Safeguarding and Protection Programme

This programme is aimed at equipping children with skills and knowledge to better safeguard themselves. It also contributes towards strengthening their sense of community and widens their circle of protection against sexual gender-based violence.

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